2.46 or later issues...

I’ve posted a similar thread awhile back but I still wonder some things.

Since 2.46, if I try to load an image with the “#” character in it, it won’t load. I know renaming is a fix but I have a lot of images with that character in it so I was wondering if there was a simpler solution.

And this second error is harder to live with and only happens on my home computer.
If I try and load a movie, as a background, texture, or anything. It will crash.

It doesn’t happen on any other computer except mine and the problem doesn’t exist in 2.45. What’s the problem? I’m pretty sure I have all the codecs I need as the video will play on my computer just fine.

My home computer is OLD (got a free standard Intel Pentium 2, Windows 2000) but that has never been a problem before as like I said 2.45 can do it just fine. Any ideas at all?