2.46 Particle Object Emitter Problem


Here’s what I did.

1 - made a plane and turned it into a particle emitter.
2 - Made the emitter the parent to another object and filled in the goods.
3 - presss Alt+A and the particles are animated.
4 - animated the emitter from one location to another

At this point the particles are way off the screen and as the emitter is animated
moving towards it’s original location (where it was added to the scene) the particles
get closer and closer to the emitter. I want them to be emitted from the plane
regardless of where it is located in 3D space. I have done this a bunch of times in
2.45, but for some reason it doesn’t like it when the emitter moves positions in an
animation in 2.46.

What’s up with that?

From what I mentioned can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I’m really looking forward for the answers you’ll receive!! Feel pretty much concerned with you “experience”!! :wink:

Not sure but perhaps select the emitter and hit Alt-G to remove its translation data.

Yeah. I did this a few times. Also Alt+R. As well as apply transformations and
all that gargle bargle. I ended up just skipping this part and finishing the project
without. But I still want to know what was up with that. I wish Blender gave
tips and hints about why things aren’t working the way they should.

Here is the thread I posted the finished project at:

Here is what My simply testing has shown. In 2.46, the Object that you select as the Visualisation in the Particle setup, needs to be left at 0,0,0 center. You don’t need the object to be parented to the emitter mesh. You can also place the object on another layer and it still links to the particles. If the object is not at dead center it causes an offset from the actual particles.

With the new particle system you shouldn’t do part 2 (parent the mesh to the emitter ala the old dupli way of doing this) …

Please note that this mechanism fully replaces old Blender particles system using parentage and DupliVerts to replace particles with actual geometry. This method is fully deprecated and doesn’t work anymore.

Under “Object and Group” from : http://www.blender.org/development/release-logs/blender-246/particles/visualization/

And I would guess because you parented the particle object to the emitter and then animated the emitter (and so the child object) the particles are just “carrying though” the animation while it is emitting during the animation …

Thank you thank you so many millions of times!!:smiley:

That was exactly the problem. I just tried it with the object at 0,0,0 and
it is doing exactly what I wanted it to do. You rock! This will help me a
lot in the future. Thanks for helping me not get so frustrated over making
a simple task successful.

Here is proof…but this is only example image. Not actual image that will
be officially used…at least right now.


is ther a video tutorial about this. When I select object as particle, there is no object selected by the particle system even I place my cube at the origin point.