2.46 particles fade

i seem to be having trouble being able to make the particles in 2.46 fade according to their individual life by using alpha in the ipo graph.
i have an object emitting another object
i tried using absolute and relative but it doesn’t work
i have tried both objects alpha values
how do u do it

What do you mean?
Do you want to animate the alpha value of the particles? The way with the IPO curve is allright but take into account that you have to animate the alpha value of the material the particles are using.
Open an IPO window, change display type to “Material” (there where it says “Object”). Then at frame 1 insert a key for your alpha value. At frame 100, insert another key, let’s say with alpha value 0.

IMPORTANT: When animating particles, the frames represent the percentage of life of the particles, so frame 0 = beginning of life, frame 100 = end of life. (Everything behind frame 100 will not have any effect!)

Hope I could help you.

I tried doing that for the material of the object being emitted and the emitters material. it only was transparent on the frame i keyed and not the life of the particles, and the emitters alpha values had no effect.
for some reason they got rid of the particle lifespan box in the ipo, it used to be so easy in 2.45.

I can’t create the effect either.

What I already can do is change particle size over their age so that the younger particles are small and the oldest are big at the same time. I do this by creating an object and scaling it over time and then assigning the object’s name to the particle system’s object visualization.

When I try the same method for alpha or rgb values, particles’ individual age is not taken into account. Alpha and rgb do change over time, but both the young and the old particles have same alpha and rgb values at the same time.

I wonder how this would be possible to do, for example a basic smoke: small and opaque particles at the bottom, large and transparent particles at the top?

Anything goes… even animated textures if it just makes it work!?!

Ok, I got this working by using a blend texture and the ‘Time-Index (X-Y)’ setting for billboards’ UV setting. Now my problem is I can’t find a way to separate this setting. I’d like to use a cloudy round mask for the particles, but if I want to fade the alpha with ‘Time-Index (X-Y)’ setting, the cloudy mask will use the same method and it wont work that way.

Here’s a video of one of the test renders and at the top of the smoke is the quick fade I want to get rid of.


Here’s my try on making a video tutorial. This one shows how you can animate the billboards’ textures. That’s one way fading the particles.


hhoffren that is one realistic fire mate so real the texture mate could u just post ablend of that please

I’ll tweak the smoke a bit and then upload the file somewhere. Actually, I’d upload this one already if I still had the same file. That smoke was part of a continuous test and I just saved over the same file while testing. Current version is not very good. Actually, it is very bad. :slight_smile:

I’ll post it as soon as it is ready.

edit: One more thing, I made the fire / smoke combination with the instructions found on BlenderArt magazine’s issue 16.


Here you are, see the attachment.

I left the smoke out and simplified the fire nodes as much as possible.

Here’s also a rendered animation:


SimpleFire.blend (236 KB)

How can you achieve the same effect with objects? Animating the alpha of the applied material doesn’t seem to work. This only changes the alpha in global time not particle time.

My guess is this is not possible yet for object particles. Still, it is just a guess, anyone here who can confirm this?

Here is a link to my emulation of the 3DSMax Super Spray.