2.46 question

I’ve just started playing with 2.46. I’ve gotten used to the uv’s mapped in edit mode now…but - I can’t find a feature I used all the time. Faces - two side. In earlier versions, in face mode, you’d hit “w”, then you’d see a list that had on/off values for texture light collision two -side etc. They all worked universally, affecting all selected faces. The two side in the uv calc panel affects only 1 face at a time - even with many or all selected, as it has always done. Where has this list gone? I’ve started playing with the cloth sim and as I’m just using a plane, I’d like my cloth to have the texture on both sides. I don’t think I need to change every face individually.

Answered, if anyone is interested. Which they are - I’ve seen lots of these questions on other threads.

  1. Select a face - this is your active face.
  2. In the Texture Face Panel, press “Two Side”
  3. Select all faces by pressing “a” twice. Or select all the faces you want to be two sided.
    4)Press ctrl+ c
    5)Select “Active Mode”
    Your faces will all be two sided.
    Opinion: This is a retarted method. Why can’t we have the little two side button under the specials menu? Arghhhhhh

Query: Isnt there a Two Sided button in Edit mode? wouldnt using that affect the whole mesh too since Edit and UV map are now combined?

If there is, I have not found it. I’ve seen lots of other questions about the specials menu here as well. I’ll keep looking…

it should be in the mesh tab, in edit mode.

Yes, that seems to work for renders. I’m not sure about real-time, but I don’t do anything with the game engine anyway…

Select All (A), press Control F>Face Mode Set>Whatever

good anserwed, but how do i make all faces “add”, “opaque”, or “alpha”?

you set it for the active face, then CNTL C and Copy transparency

:):):slight_smile: thanks

i was so annoyed at not finding this button i was about to go back to the previous blender version to use the function but now you have found the answers thanks. I was also about to post a thread about this now i dont have to.