2.46 rc sculpt mode

I was playing around with the new 2.46rc when I noticed that sculpt mode has some new features most noticably the new brush tab that allows one to set curves has anyone got a clue on using these new features and is their some documentation out there, what I found on the blender wiki was pretty thin.

It’s been in the SVN for a while, cool feature.
Also, there is a anchor drag, so you can position and drag the alpha to stamp it onto the mesh. Similar to what Zbrush has.

sounds interesting. is there somewhere where you can take note of the new sculpt features?

Just experiment :D. As far as i can tell the graph sets the intensity of the brush in the following way left side if the graph is the inside of the circle of the brush to the right side of the graph which is the outside of the circle of the brush. Higher in the graph for more intense and lower in the graph for less intense and anchoring allows you to scale the brush thats being applied.



wiki user manual to-do list updated.