2.46 splash image

Not too offtopic but what the heck.
Maybe a noobish question, but where can I find the 2.46 splash image? and I mean as a downloadable file. i can only find the 2.45 splash and splash template, but I’d like one with the official 2.46 text in it.

If all else fails, you can simply take a screenshot and crop it down to just the splashscreen.

you can use svn.blender.org to look at the source tree, just got to:
and start browsing,
the splash sreen is here:

In the sources under: blender/release/datafiles/splash.jpg

Or attached.


Can we get blend file by which this spalsh is created?

Thanks guys! No you can’t take a screen shot by the way, blender instantly closes the splash screen when you press a button. That’s why I just asked here.

May 30th. Or earlier, if you pre-ordered the DVD.

A high-res is here: http://peach.blender.org/index.php/media-gallery/