2.47 Cloth Modifier Help

I have scoured the forums and I just do not get it.
In 2.47 I have tried to grasp the cloth function but do not.
What I am running into;
Pants on my character, when I bake them, they fall off his body. They also go right through the feet and legs.
I tried to pin up his waistband but that was unsuccessful.
What I have tried;
-vertex groups, waist set to 0.000, pants set to 1.000.
-pinning vertex group “waistband”
-setting my character to collision.
-setting the pants to cloth.
What I am asking is a step by step for a dummy on how to take some pants, turn it into cloth, keep it on the character when baked, keep the character from poking through, and make it move with the movements aka how to animate it.
Its a lot, I know. I just am having a problem with this. Any help is appreciated.

  1. make sure your cloth object and any collision objects share a layer somewhere in the scene setup;

  2. make sure you have enable Cloth Collision for the cloth object and Collision for any colliding objects (hey, you said to make for a dummy! :wink: ) – use the defaults to start, Leav off Self-Collision for now, you can always enable it later after it’s working better.;

  3. if you have vertex groups “waistband” and “pants”, it’s likely you want to pin the waistband. Assign all vertices in this group value 1.0 and identify it in the Cloth Pinning field. Pin Stiffness = 1.0 (to start).

  4. choose a cloth parameters setting – start with a preset until you have the bake working OK, then you can play with them.

  5. set your bake frame range, small at first until you have the setup working, then full range.

  6. if you have an armature for your figure, you’ll have to make it the parent of the Cloth mesh in order for the pants to follow the body’s motion. You can use an existing “pants” vertex group lke “waistband” or you can create new ones, but it’s best not to use any vertices from the fully-cloth part of the pants mesh. On my Katrice figure I use the bone “Pelvis” as the controller for the waistband of her pants, since that controls the hip area most fully (her pants are low-riders).

  7. cross yer fingers and hit the “Bake” button :smiley:

  1. Okay, pants and character in the same layer, check.

  2. Cloth Collision for the cloth object enabled. Collision for the character enabled. Self-Collision is off.

  3. “Waistband” vertex group pinned and set to 1.000

  4. cloth parameters set to “cotton”

  5. bake frames set to 20

  6. I made the armature the parent to the pants object. I am not clear as to what you mean when you stated not to use the verts for the full cloth. How would a dummy get the pants weight painted and following the hips and legs without using all verts? Step 6 I feel lost, sorry, a bad day for me and grasping new techniques.

  7. I hit bake. Looked alright. So I added subsurf. I noticed that the leg partially popped through at the calf. I did not adjust anything, and when baked, the legs stayed through. Must I do a pre-adjustment to make the collision work correctly there?
    Success on the pants not falling off. The pinning worked perfectly.
    However, my collision has issues. I tiled everything to test collision and gravity. The waistband stayed right on…the pants swung through the character like he was not there. The pants stayed hinged to the pinned waistband, but went through the legs and dangled like a flag on a windless day.

So what am I doing wrong here? Would it help if I just added the file with him angled so you can see my mistakes? If so, what export option should I choose so that all the setting follow correctly?

You’re “dummy” version is quite welcome as I feel quite dumb with this feature. So feel free to keep “dummy” talking me through this until my brain wraps around this.

Okay, I have figured all of it out thanks to you except for the parenting and movement of the pants to the armature.
The pants act appropriately when baked. Now, to cause it to move when I pose my character … whats the dummy version of understanding this?
My armature consists of (just below the last spine bone) two hip bones, the thigh bones, and the shin bones. Those are the only ones that fall underneath the pants.
So if I select the armature, then the pants, and parent the armature to the pants…where do I go from there? Do I weight paint the pants to the bones as I did the legs underneath? Here I am, “dummy” teach me.

That’s what I did. But keep in mind that the pinning process determines what parts of your pants mesh are free to act as cloth, and thus are not controlled by other influences (such as the armature), so the armature link will likely be limited to just the “waistband” vertex group. It is possible to adjust both the pinning weight painting and the armature-linked weight painting so that they share control of some vertices, but it’s not something I’d recommend if you’re just starting to get the cloth working OK. That’s a “fine-tuning” technique imo, and is probably not necessary except under particular circumstances.

I’ve got some things on this page: http://blender.dothelp.net/category/tests/cloth/ (near the bottom)
that might help you understand where the parenting needs to go.

To parent.

  1. Start in pose mode.
  2. Select the pants object.
  3. Shift select the bone you want the pants to “hang” from.
  4. Ctrl P - Make parent to bone.


Alright, I’ve got the pants parented and weight painted to the bones. Yes they move, but I have a modeling issue now which is for another thread since this one is about cloth.
My question, though, now is if my character pokes through the pants some when I pose him with the pants, is that what is causing the pants around the bent leg poking through around the buttocks (thats the modeling problem) to flail and act strangely, including being able to go through the character’s leg on that side when baked?
If so then I have a whole new problem of modeling and weight painting to cause the pants to bent around the butt properly when posed together.
Thanks for the assistance to you guys.
I saw your cloth dress sim and the pants one a few days ago actually in my search, Pappy.
How in the world did you make the pants to where they did not go through the butt and legs, rather bent and shape around the body? I cannot, for the life of me, get these darn pants to act like pants. I can get the cloth sim to work alright now, except for the character and pants not matching up when posed. Thats causing a problem all its own. Without them working together, animating is not going to happen.

It might seem lke an odd question, but how big (tall) is your character in Blender Units? I’ve found that the Cloth sim acts strangely with “oversized” models, including “flailing.”

As far as doing your poses and animations, the only thing you should have to be concerned with is the parts of the pants that are linked to the armature. It’s OK to have things poke through the unpinned cloth mesh while posing, it’s in fact inevitable since the “fully cloth” parts (pinning = 0) aren’t influenced by the armature. These parts should conform to the moving body when the bake is done.

Penetrations of collision meshes by the cloth during a bake can be from a lot of reasons, the most common being inadequate collision specs, cloth mesh density too sparse, and too-rapid movements for the collision specs used.

Take a close look at your pants mesh and make sure you have enough loops properly placed so the cloth can conform to the underlying shape.

The character is 13 units high.
You actually just made the light bulb in my head go “ding” with your last post.
I was trying to form the pants during posing thinking that they had to somewhat follow the legs in the first place and then they would drape over the legs when baked.
So weight painting the pant legs, the actual cloth parts, is not the way. Instead, I just animate the armature and then as the body moves, so shall the pants.
You both have done a great job at stepping me through this.
I still want to know how you got the clothes to look so beautifully done Pappy, but with this understanding from Chipmasque I think I can move forward now.
I appreciate it!

13 BU high = 13 meters tall based on the scale the sim apparently uses, which is approx. 1BU = 1m. So it may be that the cloth movements are a bit exaggerated because of the scale of the model. This can cause an unusually high number of collision punch-throughs, though this is also dependent (maybe more dependent) on other factors. If your cloth seems “overactive” when moving, try upping the Gravity value to compensate somewhat for the larger scale. If you also increase the Mass, do so very slightly, as these two in combo can really affect how the cloth moves.

The only reason I can think of to weight paint the unpinned cloth is for the Advanced Weighting options, which you probably don’t want to mess with yet, or for graduated pinning influence, which is tricky to get right. And unless the vertices are completely pinned, I wouldn’t bother trying to weight them to the armature.

I finally grasp it. There are times where the cloth seems to get to where I think they should stop, but then kind of “bounce” back off the body and against gravity a little, but other than that things are working as advertised.
Not only have the pants begun to work, but on the second character I have found use for the cloth feature to shape a plane with a hole cut in the center to fit around his head and neck to drape over his body, then apply the modifier so that I can use the shaped mesh as an easy way to create a shirt or vest. In this character’s case its a vest, but it made making it quick and easy.
Much thanks. This feature has many great uses!

Try messing around with the Friction parameter of the Cloth sim, and also with the Damping parameter of the body’s Collision specs. Both can affect how much “bounce” the cloth verts have when undergoing a collision event.