2.47 Crashing on open

I have a file I worked on that now crashes Blender when I try and open it. Same thing happens when I try to open the backups, as well as the quit.blend. I’ve tried opening it on Vista and MacOS.

Any suggestions on what steps I take to recover it?

We had two other forum members that had this problem, including me.
I could not supply the file for bugtracking because its under NDA. The only solution so far is, to open blender and import the whole scene from the file and resave it.

BTW. how you got your Donating Member status… its not important at all, i donated too but i am still “just” a member… maybe i should donate a grand the next time ^^

When I do that, and switch to the imported scene, Blender crashes again! No message in the console.

Regarding “Donating Member”, I first got that when I donated to Blender Artist’s precursor, Elysium. It carried over, I think it is a good idea. I was so happy when I first found Elysium I donated. If it is not working on Blender Artists, you ought to contact them.

I’ve isolated it to an object that I was using for particles. I’m tempted to role back to 2.46 to see if the problem occurs there.

Okay… The file crashes in 2.47 and 2.46. 2.45 says “expect data loss” and then successfully opens. Definitely the particles.

hmm, could be the tempfile for the particle data then…? strange i had no particles in my file.
Damn i don´t have my file anymore… i could roll it back on the SVN server though… like the white rabbit i am always in a hurry :smiley: so maybe later.

The word I got regarding the error in the file: In readfile.c, lib_link_particlesystems(), the psys->part is NULL. Also, it has a modifier with a corrupted ->psys pointer.