2.47 image editor and edit mode.

It looks like image can not be loaded into editor in edit mode.
Everything is alright in object or sculpt modes.
I don’t recall this happening before.
Is this a bug or I do something wrong?

cannot confirm

  • using a svn-version 1.47.1 - rev. 16267
    select image-edito -> open file from disk -> switch on edit-mode(little pen-icon)
    and drawing works

    (but it still has the ?bug? about not updating the pydrivers for single-render-pics with F12)

I found the problem… THe image was there, but only hidden under the uv map and visible when whole mesh was selected…

Is there any way now, to use the uv/image editor only to dispaly the image without uv maps? I like to use uv/image editor as a place where I can keep my references, now I can’t (or don’t know how).