2.47 is available!

I agree 100%

edit mode —> select all face ----> ctrl+F guys

There are copy buttons in the newest Apricot builds that work the same way as in 2.45, make sure the object has a UVmap first.

using contol-c makes the interface more consistent, because control-c works in many other contexts as well, of witch i had no idea until now. for example to copy logic bricks, physics setup and properties between objects.

Sometimes when I press ‘p’ the screen goes blank and when I press ‘esc’ all objects are invisible but the one selected before ‘p’ was pressed. Once unselected all objects are visible.

I haven’t seen any pattern to when it happens but when it does happen it keeps happening, so far only with newly created blends

Has this happened to anyone else?

EDIT: looks a lot like http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=132222&highlight=blank+screen apparently it wasn’t fixed in 2.47 (to me it started with 2.47)