2.47 or Graphicall last build?

We want the best Blender Game Engine possible, but at the same time want to make sure our game is Pc-Mac-Linux playable.

It was suggested to me, by someone this community (and myself) respects, to use the latest Graphicall versions of BGE - except that they don’t come in many OS flavors, AND I have no easy way to know what or why these last versions offer superior stuff…

I would like additional reflexion-helping comments on the subject -
Should I go for the cutting edge, or work in more reliable-known version ?

the game project started one week a go and is due en of november to be distributed in elementary schools!

Thanks for any input…

Graphicall versions are from who is good enough to build them. They change every few days. If there isn’t one for your OS you can build your own. The final release will be for all OSes.

Sorry to say this but you got very bad timming, and luck:
-As far as I know SVN version don’t make blenderpalyers, with are necesary to make executables.
-The actual oficial version (2.47) makes executables without lighting (making thing look pretty bad) so the best would be to work with version 2.46, with is the previous one…
-the next official version, 2.48, no one knows when will be released.

The builds on Graphicall may introduce new instabilities, but they also give you a leg up on the development cycle by giving you access to new features, and to fixes for some existing problems. I tend to download a build, use it for a week or two, or until I see a large jump in the revision number, whichever comes later.

Keep the 2.47 release on hand to test compatibility, and use the latest builds for development, my 2 cents.

Edit: I believe the SVN builds can create compiled executables again.


Go for an SVN. Actually, I recommend learning how to make your own builds. Then you have control over what you want in the build like verse, blenderplayer, game engine, ffmpeg, etc. And, if you’re building from source, you can easily stay up to date by spending 10 minutes to update the source files and then compile. Also,

And I’m pretty sure svn builds can use the blender player. They also have some nice stuff like GLSL and, soon, softbodies. And as far as cross-platform compatibilty goes, all you need is to get your .blend to whatever os you want with a similar (or at least similar enough to keep your game running right) SVN build, and make a runtime.

There is a lot of cool stuff in the SVN and more cool stuff on the way.

i dont use 2.47 (it doesnt have all the latest features and bugfixes) nor graphicall.org builds (the builds are compiled with all but the kitchen sink) i make my own builds, its not difficult and you can configure it to be a bit lighter removing things you dont use

2.48 is scheduled for early October.

That should be a stable release of the BGE with all the aprocit stuff.

If you want to use that version, id suggest starting work on your game in 2.47 or something, but only do work on models, rigging, texturing, actions etc.

That way when 2.48 comes out youll have all ur objects and characters etc ready to go, and youll only have to set up the logic etc for the game and export using 2.48. :wink:

And I’m pretty sure svn builds can use the blender player.

Mmmm… actually I don’t know, maybe you are right :smiley:

2.48 is scheduled for early October.

That’s nice to know thanks.

Anyways, I would follow Ad-Edge suggestion, unless you actually want to make your own builds.

Well just tested the latest SVN 16670 and the Blenderplayer looks like it works fine… Also - love the copy buttons on the texture face panel…Better than before we lost them!