2.47 is now released.

Happy blending to everyone !

Cool! I’ll go download it now!

Download: http://www.blender.org/download/get-blender/

Release Logs: http://www.blender.org/development/release-logs/blender-247/

Continuing Blender 2.4x series, Blender 2.47 is a bugfix release to stabilize the “Bunny Release”, serious effort has been put in tracking bugs and fixing them. Last but not least:

  • New tools and improvement have been made to the Snapping tools.
  • Better Game Engine logic.Happy Blending!

Does it have all Apricot functions?

Nope. Possibly a separate build will be provided for people to play with the Apricot files.


No it dosent, and it was never intented to have them.

This release, with the exception of the new snapping tools is a pure bugfix release. A proper name would have been 2.46a. A lot of the development will probably not be implemented before the 2.5 (which with the majore refactor might end up getting an upgrade to 3.0).


Someone was faster. Afaik, if you want apricot’s features you will have to use the Apricot branch untill they end up in trunk.

congrats to the devs.
2.47. Official Version from blender.org.
2.47 Apricot Builds are on Graphicall.

Why should I upgrade?


You should upgrade because of the bugfixes.

The angels sing Hallelujah, at this news

Are there any new things in it(bugfixes aside)?

Bug fixes.
Why take a chance ?


Yea, Improoved GE logic and Snap tools

Sorry for being impatient.

features/bug fixes.

I did I could see much new, and now big bugs were fixed, but whatever downloading now(along with FireFox).

if you don’t have a problem with bugs then you don’t have to, there are not many new things.

i just like keeping up to date

Is there a mac intel build that uses python 2.5 anywhere?

Anyone find the Linux 64bit builds on www.blender.org?? I did not see them there…

They are below the 32 Bite Linux versions. And no you are not blind :wink: The 64Bit packages have been added later as the other ones.