2.48 alpha problem

Transparent UV images aren’t working for me in 2.48. The transparent areas of the texture are just showing up as black. Older objects with the texture look right, but I can’t make new ones. Has anyone run into this problem? I’m using Blender 2.48 for Intel Macs with python 2.5.

I can’t really use blender anymore until I figure this out, so any help would be appreciated.

Is the texture set to affect alpha and color? Also, in order for alpha to work ither the mat alpha or DVar in the map to setting must be zero.

in my case i get the render correct with (material tab–> alpha 0 ; map to --> alpha on).
but i dont get it working in the viewport, when i open an old file it still works with the existing textures. only when i create a new texture with an alpha ( in this case a *.tga file) it will show up black in the viewport.

its pretty annoying cause i have to place the objects according to their alpha silhoutte, but cant figure out how to make it transparent in this version. (2.48)

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Don’t know if this is your problem, but I found that in 2.48 you have to select all the faces (with an active face) and in the texture face panel enable alpha under “active face alpha blending”, then hit “copy” to copy that setting to the other (non-active) faces.


If you’re not using raytracing, check the ZTransp button is enabled.

thx for the response, dont know if its the same problem as skullbunnys, cause my render comes correct.
but i would appreciate some help, cause i have to see the alpha in the viewport for placing my objects.

to give you a clearer image of my problem i will post a screenshot showing the situation.

–>alpha is there , you see it in the uveditor / its assigned to the object but shows up black in the viewport / i used the same technique that worked with the blenderversions before


PS: melian gave me the hint, i didnt realise the “texture face” panel, there it worked, thx a lot