2.48 and ctl-I function

has this hotkey been changed in 2.48, if so what is the new one.

And on another note, i seem to have misplaced my CD for The Essential Blender manual, if anyone has it backed up that would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know about the hotkey, but here’s the page for the book: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Books/Essential_Blender

thanks for the link but it didnt really answer my question, when i press ctrl- l after group selecting 1+1 armatures i am unable to press ctrl-I to apply inverse kinematics hotkey, otherwise i have no idea what to do as i am a new ser to the program and i dont know how to take the long way. When i press ctrl-l all other bones in the armature are selected (minus the 2 i had previously selected) instead of applying IK solver. Any insight on this preblem would be great. As i said i am a brand new user just learning the ropes and I appreciate any help, its extremely frustrating.

I’m not sure but try adding a Ik Constraint. Select the bone you want to be the end of the chain and press add constraint->IK Solver. Then enter the name of the armature and then the name of the bone that is supposed to control the IK chain. Again I’m not sure if this would help, I can’t believe I’m even attempting to help someone with rigging.

As for the link, it should have the contents of the missing CD.

I think Control I was changed to be Select Inverse in Blender 2.46.

The shortcut for adding IK constraints now is Shift + I, and Ctrl + Alt + I for removing.

Got by mistake to this thread and saw that nobody answered, just for the record. =)

yeah im using 2.48 currently but reading out of a book refering 2.46, thanks for the help everyone