2.48 buig or not ?

when i try to append from a file
ii default back to the blender folder instead of the current folder

anybody has the same problem
or is it a path to be set in user preferences?


Blender tries to remember where you got something from last, so that the next time you go to get something, you’re already there.

that was the thing happening with all the other version but with 2.48 a

it is not wiorking ?

so is there smoething that has been chneged in the user preference when i isntall 2.48a and i need to change it or is it wa bug in ?


You can change your file paths in the BLOG file in \blender.blender, and maybe in .recently-used.xbel in your user folder.

ok nerver eard that one before

is this a txt file so i can edit it and cahnge the path ?

and the other file is it editable with txt editor?

but why this has change since i loaded up the new 2.48a
before it never changed when i installed a new version of blender?