2.48 is out. Get it!

Thanks Devs, take tomorrow off!

Awesomeness. Thanks and kudos to the devs.

You didn’t do the first post right. This is how it’s done.

Blender 2.48 RELEASED::
Release logs: (Grease pencil, BGE improvements, GLSL ect…)


CD, I figured if I had taken the time to do all that you would have already posted the announcement as well :wink:

yaaay upgrades!

Awesome, is the engine faster now?

I may wait till 2.49 is out or something. Still stuck in trying get and earlier version round me head.

Downloading right now.

Incredible work by the developers. Basically they are coding new features faster then I can learn them. Thank you so much for your great work! :yes:


Damn, and i’m still getting used to features that were introduced in 2.46.
Awsome work, i love experimenting with the atmosphere and sun.

Thanks to all Blender Developers!
I also agree, …they are coding new features faster then we can learn them!:evilgrin:

I found something …maybe a bug in 2.48 official for windows:
Here is the blend!:confused:

when you open this blend file you see in the 3D View “Preview Render Panel” the Hair is Shorter as the Hair lenght the Cube Object have!? Is this normal…or i made something wrong!?



Mah name is flava, flava…

oh, my bad. Great job guys! Have a cookie or two!

Hey guys,
i’ve just downloaded the Win32 bit version of 2.48 and am missing the scrips.
After installing twice, still only yafray stuff in the scrips … are all the python scripts missing or do i have a bad download?

Edit! – never mind … rebooting/re-installing did the trick :slight_smile:

Someone sculpt me a CG heart cos my real one’s stopped beating.

Over the top? I don’t think so, this is amazing…Thank you so much.

Downloaded. But when I was intalling, I got lots of error. 1st Error Image is this
and there were lots of eror?
My Blender 237a, 242a, 246, and 247 all are working fine. I have already instlaled Python 2.5

YEAH! Finally an official release with GLSL, and even better, SOFTBODY!!! Thanks so much to Erwin and Ben!!!
Kkrawal: Just extract the zip.

Hey Everyone,

I posted the problem a little too late it seems by just a few hours.  The node based GLSL shading is not working but it did work in the Apricot Blender 2.47.  Don't know why and the Backface Culling button is missing.  I hope this gets fixed.  Here is my post showing the problem.


Nate Nesler

Good job coders!!
pats everyone on the head and/or gives everyone a handshake
I like the grease pencil!!

maybe blender was open / the codec was being used at the time of install? (try a fresh restart in xp )

Is this
http://www.blender.org/uploads/pics/splash.png is rendered in Blender Internal?
how its so clear? please tell me the settings?

No it is not blender internal.:stuck_out_tongue: I read on the blog somewhere in the corner down the bottom, Ton prefers to render all the promotion stuff in Maya, model it all in 3dMax, just to entice us fools;)
The force is strong on the dark side

Great news.
However… downloaded the ZIP archive, extracted it, double-click blender.exe and I get:
“The application failed to initialze properly (0xc0150002). Click OK to terminate”
I’m running on XP. No issue with 2.47 Anyone else get this? Do I need some other MS dlls or so?