2.48 lighting problem

Well I have some problems with my game in 2.48, but overall works fine. Actually 2.48 increase performance and fps by 35%-40%.So if someone can explain or make suggestions for them I’ll be thankful.
1.Lighting(biggest)…in 2.48 everything is darker and it seems that while I’m walking with Krum the lamps(sun) overwrites one another and even switches off and everything goes ugly, like in horror movie with broken light sorce in a tunnel:)

  1. replaceMesh() - replaces the meshes, but with some kind of glitches of the new or the old mesh when they are replaced.

3.Physics of different particles(not real particles just alot of planes with dynamics) doesn’t work right…in fact i think it doesn’t work at all.(maybe I should redo it in 2.48, i don’t know)

4.setScene()/addScene()- freezes the game for about half second, which makes the fighting impossible.

5.And last…what’s with the frame reading in getFrame() function…till 2.45 I thing frames a read like this: 1 - 1.xx - 2 it means that we can have trigger between frames 0.45 and 0.47, but now I think this range is widen (0.45-0.47 doesn’t work any more). I must set this interval higher.

If anyone can suggest something to fix something I’ll be happy.:slight_smile:

PS. Only the great frame rate improvement is making me to use this version.
30-35k polys with a lot of physics and python script and logic goes with about 40-45 frames/second on my laptop with 16MB ATI-7500 mobility(almost 6 years old).

Good to hear ur getting some decent speedups Haidme.

Im not sure about the problems ur having with 2.48, i can only suggest sending any issues to the bug tracker, that way they will hopefully be fixed before the official 2.48 is released.

I always have some issues when moving a game from the version it was made in to a newer one though. Its just a matter of working through them one by one and seeing if anything can be done about it. Hopefully none are showstoppers for you.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve reworked big part of the game to make it work under 2.48, this issues are what is left. Maybe with some more work I’ll manage to fix some of them…hopefully the final version of 2.48 will solve my problems.

You could go to the #blendercoders irc channel talk to the people there. But also filing some reports in the bug tracker wouldn’t hurt.