2.48 nee skrink modifier

anybody has any idea what is the process for the pic showing the import from imaghe
don’t understand what was done to get that ?
this is a very usefull new modifier and i’m interested in learning more on how to use all the features of this modifier


Hm… I have no idea what is up with that image. I do know how to use the modifier… somewhat. I can tell you the basics. Just add a Suzanne mesh, then a UV Sphere. Make sure the sphere is bigger at all times. Now select the sphere mesh and go add the ShrinkWrap modifier. Then add the name of the object and it should get… shrunk… I guess… around Suzanne. Hope that helps! Just try playing around with all the settings and you should get some results.


this was an experiment and is not in Blender anymore AFAIK.

and i just downloaded the 2.48with doc for this new modifier and
it is included there in the pic for the doc ?

and your saying it’s not included anymore

then why is it part of the doc ?

anybody has some doc or tut on this subject

i began playing with it but i’m not getting the same results then in the pics
so i’, wondering how to do things with this new modifier


Try looking around. You will be amazed at what you find, even by Googling.


This tells you everything you need to know.

i’m no talking about simple deform modifier

it’s the new one shrinkwrap
it’s brand new with the latest release of 2.48

and the doc is not entirely giving a lot of example on how to
lot’s of pic but it does tell you how to !