2.48 plugin

wehn i had 2.47 i did some textures with plugin
but now with 2.48 when i load up the same file the plugin textures are not there

i tried to load the plugin again and it’s refusing to do so

i think this is a bug in 2.48 can someone else confirm this

and what is the site where we can give bugs comment


I did a quick test with Blender 248 RC (revision 16927M) on linux (kubuntu 8.04) and can load and use plugins. On which platform are you? Bugs can be reported in the bug tracker which can be found on http://projects.blender.org.

i 'm on Vista Premium

and don’t know if you can do a test on this type of machine

but i know that the file i had was working with 2.47 and then with 2.48 not working
so not certain it is a setup conditions or bug ?
but loading shold be straightfoward and simple and even that is not workin!


I am sorry but I don’t have a Vista installation here (only Linux, XP and Win2K). With respect to setup conditions: the only thing that comes into my mind is setting the paths for the plugins in the user preferences. In my test I loaded the plugin directly from ‘Load Plugin’ button in the texture buttons window. So hopefully someone else with Vista can do another check.

i loaded manually the plugin and it refuse to accept it and that was it !
hope pe somebody else can check this feature


windows xp.
definitely a bug.
Texture Plugins crash on:

var3:unrecognizable error

Added to Bug Tracker.

i,m on vista and it simply refuse to load up the plugin texture in auto mode whne
already sopecified
even when i try manually !


The full bug report is here,
I let some devs know so they are aware of the bug.
Then I posted to the Bugtracker so they are more aware.
Thanks for the report!

Yay! Bug Fixed.
from SVN revision 17008

This commit fixes bug: [#17770] Texture Plugins do not work. (on windows)
Thanks to Lguillaume & Kent for fixing this one.

Yay. thanks! that’s great & fast!

great work guys& felicitation for fast respons

where can we have this little de-bug version SVN ?

i need theses plugins on one of my project i’m working on

is there anyway to get other bug s debug for file saving

and also for compression which is not working as it shoud be

and there is also a problem with autosave and saving user preferences on my computer !
i can open a new thread for each of these if necessary let me know

i think blender would be better with this features

Thanks a lot

hi ricky,
there is the first patch I found on zooblender the French Site.
go to Compilations, then choose a [LEFT]17013[/LEFT] build.
This is just the .exe
Paste this into One of Zebulons Builds from Graphicall,
then run the new exe.
(It wont overwrite your old .exe)
17005 is the latest at graphicall, use this with the patch & it works.
there will no doubt be a newer build at graphicall soon with the fix…