2.48 will not finish Render of Animation - Shuts down

Blender 2.48 will not fully render an animation I am doing.
It is a simple test of using an HDRI for angular mapping.
A render looks fine.
One object is there, the cube. I am rotating the camera around the cube
for 151 frames.
I hit Anim to render (I’ve tried Quicktime and AVI raw)
It gets to about 121 frames and just shuts down Blender with no error message or anything.
There is some rendered .mov and .avi that are about 150Mb.
But if you open the AVI it runs for a split second of nothing.
The quicktimes will not open up at all.
Any ideas would be appreciated.


I think by default blender only render around 250 frames of an animation, you got to tell it how many frames do you want, check out the Animation and Render window (F10 key).

Yes, I tell it to Render 151 frames. When it gets to 121 it crashes.
I can tell it to render 1-75 then 76-110 then 111-151 and it renders three
movie files. But I should be able to render 1-151 into a movie file.

You could render those three files and combine them in the sequencer. Or if it still crashes there, then in iMovie since your on a Mac.

I did combine them in FCE 4 - which turned out weird too because only the cube was showing, I had to play them in Quicktime pro and export it then import it into FCE before the World view was included.

I guess my question was is this a bug? It seems a pretty simple animation should not crash Blender.

I don’t think so, since I rendered a 250 frames animation (witch was boring to see since it was the default cube doing nothing). I rendered at 50% size of 320x240 tough.
But check it out, it seems that blender tends to perform not so well on macs.

I would agree with that, sequencing isn’t really the issue. Can you post the .blend file?

I was using YaFray rendering and had ‘unpushed’ the XML button.
When rendering with XML pushed no crash.
Thanks everyone for your replies.

Have you tried 2.48.a? It’s a bug fix version.

Yes, I installed 2.48a but it still crashed. It turned out to be an Yafray bug. XML must be pushed in.