2.48a/2.49 dilemma

I was originally using Blender 2.48a to work with all of my animations and such for a project I am working on. Recently, I’ve downloaded Blender 2.49 to continue working on it with newer bug fixes. I’ve noticed that the armatures and meshes were not working properly, like they were in 2.48a. Neither the meshes nor the armatures were relocated before, during, or after the 2.49 version was installed. The file remained unchanged, even after I’ve redownloaded 2.48a, which makes the armatures and meshes work perfectly. I would keep 2.48a, but I have a lot of scripts I was using in 2.49, which cannot work in 2.48a for some reason. Why is this happening (both problems)? And, which version would you choose?

Note: I have not relocated anything in the file, and I have not changed any of the vertex groups.

“Not working properly” isn’t a complete description of your problem…

Either post an example file or describe the problem more thoroughly… nobody can help you with this amount of information.


You’re absolutely right. The reason I didnt explain well enough is because I did the first time, but it kicked me off after clicking the reply button, so I had to do it again before it kicked me off again.

Well, in the 2.49 GE, when the armature is executing an action, or an animation, the mesh arms and legs disconnnet from the torso, and stretch out of proportion. I have not moved the mesh nor the armature. Note: this applies to all of the meshes and armatures for both the main character and AI.
In the 2.48a GE, while using the same exact file (unchanged), everything works just as it is suppose to. The animations are smooth and the meshes are intact.