2.48a Import/Export Menus Bust?

A couple of days ago, the Import menu contained alot of formats and I was importing Lightwave object files into Blender.

Today I launch Blender and find that both Import and Export only contain VRML 1.0, DXF and STL.

Any idea what’s gone wrong?



OK - this is lame…I have Blender on another machine, and that is the same as above…so how the devil was I importing lwo files and seeing that long format list??

Slightly worried about me brain now … :frowning:


Sorted… :slight_smile:


The same thing has happened to me and I can not figure it out. I reinstalled blender but the same thing continues to happen. Anyone have any ideas?

Please disregard last post. Problem solved. When I downloaded the new version I just let everything install to the default settings. However the default setting for the program is not the same as the default setting for all the extra goodies. So I uninstalled Blender, then reinstalled it. When given the opportunity to select the location for the extras I just selected the same location as the program and everything now works just ducky.