2.48a much slower than 2.45 - why?

openSuSE 10.4, 11, ubuntu 8.04, 8.10
I have found, that in BIG (150-250mb) scenes when I edit some mesh (moving verts) blender 2.48a so slowly!!! Looks like there are no 3D acceleration.
In 2.45 everything good. Editing (moving) much faster!
Anybody have the same problem?

I am on a windows machine and experiencing similar problems.As the vertices count increase,the performance gets sluggish particularly while selecting vertices.I reported this to the bug tracker where Ton said that it has got something to do with the openGl drivers,so thers nothing tht Blender developers can do about it:no:

Yeah me too. I’m on a MacBook Pro and rendering is slower with 2.48. It don’t matter if I use Lamps or Ambient Occlusion, they both render about the sametime now. When in the past Lamps were always quicker than AO.