2.49-2.5 migration : rendering

Hi all I just made some more migration vids, this time covering rendering workflow, mainly materials and texturing, and a few goodies :eyebrowlift2:

anyway here it is and i hope you all enjoy them

Yay you broke them up into smaller videos. Thanks this will help a lot because I can pick and choose and watch the one I really want to see

Thanks, I’ll check them out.

Thanks for your videos and saving me hours of time trying to steer heavy machinery blind :smiley:

Thanks, mfoxdogg. However good the new drivers are, your video prooves, that the in Blender 2.49b they were easier to use.

Thanks again sir, the AO/texture ones cleared things up a bit.


judging by the browser icon are you hosting your domain with blue host?

do you run the videos from your website or do you stream them from a video provider?

in case it is your domain how does blue host handle that? do you have a special plan?

I am just curious about that since I am currently considering setting something up
on my side as well.

Just going through the ‘Global Effects’ vid, Durian ended up being almost exclusively raytraced gi/ao/etc. Not much in the way of ray reflections or shadows though. We started off using no raytracing at all, but then Render Branch happened.