2.49.2 sound difficulties

Hey everyone. I’m having some trouble with sound effects in Blender 2.49.2. I have a bounding box for my character. In it’s logic, I have it set so that whenever the [ w ] and [ s ] keys are hit, it plays a footstep sound (a single .wav file).

Additionally, I have a cube (supposed to be a door) that is set up to play a sound whenever something touches it (using the Touch sensor). What I want to happen is that whenever the bounding box touches the “door”, it will create the sound - and it does.

However, when it creates the sound and I try to press [ w ] or [ s ] again, the footstep sound no longer plays.

Any ideas how to fix this?

No one? :confused:

Hello LastResever,

i suppose Blender handels only one sound channel within the BGE - i’m not sure, i use Pygame to play Ogg- and Midi-Files and it handels several channels at one time.


Hmm… :confused: I’m not so sure that the game engine can only handle one sound at a time, because the last time I created a game ( in 2.48 ), I didn’t have any difficulties. Unless the developers somehow removed the ability to play multiple sounds at once in 2.49.2, I think this must be a glitch in the engine.

I am having sound issues as well, all are playing fine and packed, when I shut down and open blender again some sounds have been swapped?

Yes, blender 2.49.2 has some buggy sound. If you want your sound to play every time you press w or s, make sure the collision is happening every time you want the sound to play. The bge does not consider a continious collision (I guess), use a near sensor instead.
Also make sure to make a copy of your sound track before closing the/saving you file. The latest file added, should be the latest sound placed in an actuator. Also verify that the sound sure is right all the time. Once you figure out the bug and the ways around it, you’ll be able to play with it. Otherwise, use 2.49.1 to set your sound. It works fine there!