[2.49] (at least on my comp) faster bloom

Hi, after a looooot of research, copy paste and trial and error, i came up with this:

Videotexture grabs view of cam in main scene,
renders to a plane in scene 2 (downsampled) and
there a glsl script (kind of) blurs the texture and the whole scene
gets overlayed in main scene
creating a bloom like effect :slight_smile:

see attachment, and maybe tell me if it works for you too.

EDIT:corrected version 2 posts below


lowsamp_bloom.blend (239 KB)

I get some errors:
line 104, line 107
list index is out of range.

But it is much faster than most bloom filters I’ve seen.

Nice to hear it works well.

EDIT: and i forgot to mention that this works very well if you have an interface which you dont want to be ‘bloomed’
Attached a corrected version.


lowsamp_bloom_corrected.blend (231 KB)

This works really well! May I use it in the Asteracers Project, which I’m currently working on? If we use it. we would certainly include your name in the credits.

A screenshot would be nice.

Well, that is definitely the fastest bloom I’ve ever seen. Quite amazing. How do you change the values? Like, how do you change the threshold values? Or the amount of blur?

Hi all,
you may use it as you want, no credit needed (but nice if you do :slight_smile: )

@Joe_stevens: there´s no threshold, as the overlay plane is only set to “add” but in the “blurtex” script you can change ‘fact1’ /2 (radius) and mixfac (strength) to achieve slight differences, even though it then may not look as good anymore, because i kind of hardcoded a 2x blur. if you´re a little experienced in scripting you could extend that.


Vey great, thanks for that, I use retinex from martinsh s filters( what happen with him he just vanish from the forum) and that filter is way too heavy!.
Thanks again

How do I install this for my game ? O.O
Do I have to use a lamp or can a sun or hemi work also ?

also is it ok if we commercial the game also ? making sure to give credit ?

Very coooooool! But…want to be much faster? check this out! lowsamp_bloom mix.blend (232 KB)
NOTE! First go to “Scene”…and then hit “P”

any way to get this to work in 2.5? because this is exactly what i need!!!

also it seems to run faster if you increase the window size! viewing it at full scale increased my frame rate by 30!

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You just saved me years of research.


Mayhem, your 2.55 version is not throwing errors to the console, but for some reason it is not displaying the bloom like the original 2.49 file. I had also updated it to 2.55 before seeing your post. Here is my file: lowsamp_bloom_corrected255.blend (372 KB)

Edit: Here is BlendingBGE’s faster method for 2.55: lowsamp_bloom mix255.blend (415 KB)

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@ BlendingBGE what did you actually change? i can see no difference in the script, except mixfact

edit: ok, i got it, you changed the pulse frequency of the vidtex script, right?

But that reates a really annoying delay in the glow… so you can only use that in static scenes


lowsamp_bloom mix.blend (233 KB)

I think this is the single greatest thread i’ve seen so far! amazing work everyone!!!

well on my pc it uses 40% Logic with 0 pulse! and with 1 pulse i got 8%! check this out!and it doesent look bad!


lowsamp_bloom mix (1).blend (233 KB)

ok, 1 pulse is not that bad, but 5 was a bit too much :slight_smile:

neat! I am waiting for downsampled textures for 2d filters, but this is a really great technique to achieve same results.