2.49 crashes when selecting image in UV edtr.

I currently have a character with several images UV mapped (eyebrowscolor.tiff, eyebrowsbump.tiff,eyelashesalph.tiff, . . . etc…) appropos to the correct UV layouts. When i open the UV image editor to change images via the drop down menu which is supposed to display the names of all the loaded images to choose from, I click on the drop down menu (the arrow buttons) and immediately Blender closes. (the ole “Blender.exe has encountered problems and has to close” thingy)

Same thing happens in the textures load (select) images drop down.

I even packed them into the file, so I know they are there.

Does anyone have any ideas? I inadvertently mapped my eyebrow texture to my eyelashes and I can’t load the eyelash textures to change it. It looks funny and my character is probably getting mad at me.

Jay (Jetplane)