2.49: how to get rid of different instances of the same image in UV editor


I was wondering if there’s a way to deal with the following situation:

I made a ‘repository’ .blend with a big plane using a big “multi”-texture (a handful of streets of different widths, a selection of intersections) and some small objects using parts of the same texture (say a narrow plane that’s going to be a 20 m street)…am I still making sense? Hehe!

So say I have this other project and I want a 20 m street, I “append or link” it from the repository. So far so good! At some later point I decide I’m going to have a diferent piece of my texture, I append it and all of a sudden it says “material.001” – not a problem, just assign the “proper” material to it, it’ll say 0material.001, save over, next time you opn it it’s gone – no clutter!

But I can’t seem to get rid of the copy of the UV texture in the UV editor.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Marco :smiley:

UV map seems to stay with the object once created. It is not listed in as an entity when you append or link to that object. It comes with it like a ghost. Once UV is made, it is a part of object that can not be separated. It is the soul of object you know.

but you can go into 2.5 and delete theses any time!

happy 2.5

The material can be removed from the library, one can delete one by one or Delete all.

  1. Click the" Delete from library materials from the library", or remove a single mapping.
  2. Click the "Clear Material Library "(Clear Material Library) to remove all the materials and textures.

Thanks all! :smiley:

This library thing sounds interesting. I wasnt aware of it.

2.5 is looking more tempting all the time too, if it wasn’t for the super slow flymode. But maybe that’s getting used to it.