2.49 particles

Hi all

I have an unfinished animation that involves a lot of particles. I started it on 2.48a until my system crashed and had to reinstall. I reinstalled using 2.49. The 2.48a files loaded and rendered with no problems on 2.49.

I’ve restarted work on the animation using 2.49 and noticed that the dropdown menu that allows the selection of existing particle systems no longer displays existing particles systems. It only shows DataBrowse and Add New.

Has this functionality been modified, removed or I’m experiencing a bug? When I choose DataBrowse I only see the objects, not the particle systems. Is there a new way of associating existing particle systems to Objects?


I tried like you to append or browse a particle system in the data browser and it didn’t showme any particle system!
May be a bug?

AgusAnim-3D: thanks for trying it out.

I also tried starting from a fresh scene and added particle systems. I was able to see those in the drop down list. So now I’m thinking there is probably a max number of particle systems that can be assigned before the drop down switches to DataBrowse. Too bad because this really slows down my work flow because I have to manually copy existing particles systems settings instead of the usual selection process from the drop down list.