2.49 RC2 is available

You can get it here:

Please use it and report any bugs either to the stickied thread, or the bug tracker at projects.blender.org. We really want to make sure everything is working right. And with the changes to the api, we want to make sure we didn’t screw things up :s

This bug: https://projects.blender.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=18596&group_id=9&atid=306 is still there. It’s pretty much a dealbreaker for the BGE contest if it’s still in there.

On another note, is there a Blender GE chatroom (IRC?) that exists?


There’s #gameblender on irc.freenode.net. Occasionally there’s conversation about the bge, in between people using it like a personal diary telling you about things like what kind of cereal they’re eating and 63 reasons why they think it’s racist. So good luck with your timing.

When people ask questions we usually stop to answer them. The other random chat comes from the times in between questions :wink:

aye, we are actually one of the more on-topic rooms… we just have a LOT of traffic sometimes.

we allow chat, but policy is, if someone is talking blender STFU about everything else.

I second this.
This bug is a dealbreaker for me too.
(for those who can’t access the bug tracker, it’s the ipo actuator on dynamic objects bug)


I tryed RC2 and when I use a modifier (in my case the edgesplit modifer) ingame, when you press “p”, blender crashes.

Please post a bug report on projects.blender.org. The more specific you are, the better. Also a sample .blend file helps a lot.


There seems to be two bug trackers. The “Blender General Bug Tracker” at http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?func=browse&group_id=9&atid=125 and the “Blender Game Engine Bug Tracker” at http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?atid=306&group_id=9&func=browse (according to http://www.blender.org/development/report-a-bug/).

I’ve had 4 bug reports filed on the game engine for a while now. All of them took work to narrow down to the reproducible stage. I’ve included .blend files and steps to reproduce them. They’ve been there since around when RC1 was released. None of them have gotten a single comment from anyone but me.

Have I posted them to the wrong bug tracker at projects.blender.org or something?


Any help with these would be appreciated, thanks!

@Blendiac: No, the Game Engine tracker is the right place. I’ve got two open reports that have no replies yet as well. Sometimes it just takes time.

RE Dynamic IPO bug: I’ve also reported the IPO bug in the sticky thread. If the IPO bug is not fixed, 2.49 will be largely unusable for me (which would be very frustrating, considering how much faster and better it is).

Yes, sometimes it just takes a little time, mine eventually got handled.

Just wanted to confirm, 2.49 will use python 2.6x only? I couldn’t find a download for python 2.5x

There are some in the list:

I can confirm this, but with subsurf modifier.

  • 2.49 RC2
  • XP32

Blender crashes with no information in the console.


How these are working with 2.49 new property system?

  • getLinearVelocity(False/True)
  • getAngularVelocity(False/True)
  • getOrientaion(False/True)


There are only 2 window downloads there, an exe and a zip. I assume the .zip is the same as the .exe (I downloaded the zip) and in that case its python 2.6.

I guess I have to abandon my 2.5 lifestyle someday ^^

Hey, blender clashes when I start up my game in blender 2.49RC2, I don;t know why, maybe the python in it? Maybe the logic bricks? Maybe my computer? I don’t know, but my python in 2.48a is almost flawless, but when I try 2.49RC2 python doesn’t work any more and I have to fix every little mistake I made. Is it really worth it to get Blender 2.49RC2 because of all the updates to the game engine, but then I have to fix up my entire game. What do you guys think?

It really isn’t that hard to fix, use ctrl+f to search for the depreciated functions or go by the warnings thrown up in the console. You best get it over and done with, if you want to use blender 2.5 you should learn the new API (not that much different, basically ob.getPosition() is ob.position and so on).