2.49 - Renderbug in AO pass

White pixels on every corner of rendered parts.
The bug is only in the AO pass.

  • Tested with OSA/FSA and without sampling.
  • Tested with and without nodes.

You can see the bug in one of the official test files:

Tested with official 2.49 and a graphicall 2.49 version. (XP32)

Is this a known bug?

It’s probably the osa setting, use something other than box. (this was brought up in the 2.49 thread). It probably is a bug, but just a little one. :slight_smile:

edit: apparently it’s not an osa issue, but using another filter will clear it up.

confirmed, were looking into a fix.

ok, i see. Thanks for the info.

Mea Maxima Culpa!
After the third release candidate I did a quick bugfix to allow AO to be controlled with “Amb” texture channel. Changed just a bit too much code, causing AO to use a not-initialized (but zeroed) variable for the first sample it takes in a tile.
Special blame to self for not testing regression suite again after RC3 :frowning:

Fix is in svn now.

ahh good, glad the problem has been found :slight_smile: