2.49 Sluggish while using GLSL...

Hi all,

I’ve made the switch to 2.5x, but I started this project before 2.5x became stable enough to use. Since I’m not real experienced in good quality texturing, I decided to texture this model in 2.49 where I created it, cause the wiki is all 2.4x info. I’ve got about 20 meshes and each one has a color map and spec map on it, most of them are 1024x1024, a few are 2048x2048. I’m using GLSL texturing in the 3d view and as I add textures blender is slowing down. Is this normal?

I have a 2.8g intel dual core, 2g ram and 3 months back I got an Nvidia 8400 gs video card. Previously I had intel integrated graphics and was never able to use GLSL graphics, or texture paint. I’ve got about 15,000 vertices textured so far. So I really have not ventured into this area before of so many vertices, textures, and GLSL all together at the same time. As I mentioned, blender is getting sluggish. So what’s a good work around? I just now thought maybe I should disable textures on finished meshes and just concentrate on meshes I am working on.

I’m concerned because I expect this project to top out at 150,000 vetices and some texture maps will be 9096x9096 with spec maps of the same size.

I’m just kind of lost as to what is slowing the system down and looking for advice…