2.49a DupliFaces bug? Please confirm

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open the attached .blend file. Scene.005 will be active by default.
  • Click the render button or press F12. A tree will be rendered without leaves.
  • In the outliner window on the left, select Camera.004 in Scene.006, then Camera.003 in Scene.005 again.
  • Click the render button or press F12. This time the tree will be rendered with leaves.

Expected behavior: The tree in Scene.005 should render with leaves every time.

Attachment: dupliface_bug.blend

I just noticed a camera bug myself, the other day. I have a 3d view assigned to camera1. I change view to top. I add another camera to the scene. I press the INS-Key to activate the camera but it gives me the view of the deleted camera.

INS doesn’t do that. CTRL-Numpad-0 does.

Can anyone confirm the DupliFaces bug please?

No, you are wrong, it happened exactly as I stated. I pressed the INS key, which does activate the view with the most recently assigned camera. In this case the camera had been deleted, but the view still looked through that delete camera.

You did not mention that you deleted the first camera after adding the second one. I followed your description step by step and could not reproduce the bug.

Obviously no one can reproduce the DupliFaces bug either. Should I report it anyway? :confused:

Well, following the steps that eye208 posted, it happened exactly as he said it does. So…?