2.49b and Snow Leopard

Does anyone there having any trouble with Snow Leopard and Composite nodes? I’m having some blinking thumb previews and such. It doesn’t blink always and I have no idea what cases this.

I can’t reproduce these symptoms. I’m using Snow leapord, using an iMac 2.0 gHz w/ ATI Radeon HD 2400.

What are your specs, exactly?

I’m running Macbook 2.4GHz NVIDIA GeForce 9400M.

Not only 1.6 OS, 1.5 to. There is know bug. No fixed.
etc. not all glsl shaders (external) work fine in os x blender. Its crap. :frowning:
ps. macmini 2009, 4 Gb ram, 500gb hd, 9400M gf