2.49b - Armature bone going through Floor Object

I believe I have set up everything correctly but the bone goes through the floor object. Here is what I did:

  • In Pose mode I selected the foot bone.
  • In the Constraints menu I chose floor.
  • I type in the name of the object I want to use as the floor. ( In this case a plane)
  • I made sure the proper settings are selected. Z for axis.
  • I move the bone in Pose mode to test if it goes through the floor.
  • It goes through the floor. :frowning:

I tried all sorts of methods to fix this problem but nothing worked. Can someone please help?

I included a sample file which contains my armature and the floor.floorNotWorking.blend (270 KB)

First of all, the bone in question is connected to a leg bone without any IK function, so you can only rotate it instead of actually move it. I temporarily disconnected this bone in edit mode, and in pose mode moved it down. The floor constraint works fine, but note that it only operates on the bone’s root, not its head/tip.

When the foot bone is connected to the shin bone and you move, say, the lButtock bone down, the foot bone will go through the floor. What’s happening here is that you’re improperly using the floor constraint; the floor constraint is only useful for an IK rig. So if the bone foot.l was in IK target for shin.l, then it would actually make sense to use a floor constraint. If you don’t know what I mean by IK, you’ll have to do some research, like this page.

Thanks for the answer. As for the strange armature bone names, I did not create the mesh I’m using. I just created an armature for it and named the bones the same as the vertice groups.