2.49b compatibilty dropped in latest builds?

With the latest 2.5-builds it seems that it is no longer possible to load 2.49b-files with animation-data into Blender 2.5 without loosing the animation. I guess there was a reason to drop that compatibility between 2.49 and 2.5, but that also means that it is no longer possible to work with certain scripts that are not available in 2.5 yet. Until now I used to import camera-tracking data from Syntheyes to 2.49b, save and then continue to work in 2.5. I guess it is the same for Voodoo, Icarus or any other script / functionality for that a 2.49b-file would be the starting base to be able to work in blender 2.5. Would it be possible to bring that compatibility back?

Is this a specific problem with the build your working with?

Because this would be a big problem for me if its a policy thing from the Blender Foundation. I’m not expecting older Blender versions to read 2.5 files but backward compatibility is really nescecary.

Indeed, backwards compatibility is quite important IMHO. I noticed this problem only with the most recent builds from graphicall. I tried 2 for OSX and 1 for windows, both same problem.

If 2.5 cannot read animation data from older files then it is a bug.

Hmm… I suspect it has to do with r29562/3

Will look into this in the next few days. I remember getting this set of version patching working with Blender’s file loading for all cases was near impossible when having it directly in the file-loading code back when I wrote it. IMO, there was always going to be a risk trying to change this…

In retrospect, I should probably have personally tested this patch too (the changes to the version patching), though then again it still might not have caused problems in my test files either.

Yes, that could exactly be the moment where things stopped working.

But it’s good to know that it wasn’t intentional and will be addressed! :yes:
Thanks a lot!

Fixed in svn

awesome!! thank you! :yes: