2.49b - Copy Location is not working for Makehuman model and BVH empties

i am trying to animate the human figure i have created in Makehuman using some motion capture BVH files that i downloaded.

i found a tutorial on youtube regarding animating the blender ludwig model with BVH and followed the steps there.

briefly, i have imported the BVH as empties.
imported the Makehuman (24 version).
gone to pose mode for the armature and added Copy Location for the armature bones and given the target as the appropriate empty imported from the BVH.

but whatever i try, i cannot get the armature to animate and follow the bvh empties.

i have uploaded the file here since its bigger than the 1mb allowed on here - http://www.filefactory.com/file/b285ca4/n/copylocfails.blend

(some notes on the blend file - the armature and empties are on layer 1 and the model itself on layer 2)

any help would be much appreciated.


Hello, Have you found your answer yet. Just saw this thread for the first time. I personally have only done good at parenting the .obj mesh to the BVH armature. But I just have started using the empties on a current project.