2.49b crashes when tring to save as a run time

Its been a long time sense I’ve played around with blender and I am attempting to pick up where I’ve left off (learning about the game engine)

I’ve got a small test run that I want to practice saving as a stand alone but I am running into the issue of blender crashing when I try to save the run-time.

I admittedly have no idea what I am doing and am hoping someone with more knowledge on the matter can take a look and tell me what I am doing wrong. I am using the older 2.49b because before I’d taken my break I had gotten quite a bit done using that version of blender and fear that moving to a newer one would mess things up and I’d have to do A LOT more reworking.
btw i am also using vista

thank you in advanced to any help that is offered

i have looked around the net for anyone with a similar issue but havn’t had any luck. most are just people forgetting to add .dll files


Executable attempt.blend (345 KB)

2.49 is basically an antique
now it still has it’s uses because there are still a TON of old plugins that have not been ported to the new blender

but really you should not be using it for most things

please install the current 2.74

Haidme made a game that got a greenlight, using 2.49. “Krum”. So . . . Some would say we should be using Ureal 4, that Blender is an antique. As a gamer, I don’t care what engine you use, as long as the game is fun, and plays without problems.

@ the OP
Try downloading and installing a different version of Blender 2.49b from Graphical, or Blender, I think you you can still find it. Or re-install the version you have. I’ll check out your Blend later.

As far as 2.74 goes, it basically the same as 2.49, with more features, it’s just that everything is in a different place than where you would expect them to be in 2.49b. You just have to find where the tools are hidden, and re-learn some new shortcuts. Instead of “Spacebar” it’s “Shift A” for example. I still can’t find where they hid “Subdivide Multi” or “Edge Length” :slight_smile:



OK, I saved as runtime, your blend on both a Macbook, and Windows 8 PC.

On the Mac it worked with no problems. (nuff said)

On Windows 8 I had to manually copy the vcomp90.dll and wrap_oal.dll from an old game of mine, and paste it into your runtime folder. And that worked.

Other than that, no problems.

It might be a Vista thing. Maybe a missing driver, IDK.

Is your copy of windows original?

It happened to me once that I tried to compile in a PC with Windows (not original and with updates) but it crashed every time, then I tried in another PC with the same OS but original, and it worked OK.

The only problem that I currently have with 2.49b is that every time I close blender, it crashes… not a big deal, but strange :slight_smile:

Just because a skilled, dedicated individual did something over several years doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for most people. Blender has made a lot of great strides in both usability of the software itself, as well as features and bugfixes of the actual game engine. If someone wants to use Blender at all, I, too, would greatly recommend that they use the newest version instead of blocking themselves off to 2.49.


I respect your opinion, but I stand on mine. A person should use the tools he or she is comfortable with. It’s not the arrow, it’s the archer. How would you like it if someone answered all your questions with, “please install Unreal Engine 4” ?
So I guess we can agree to disagree. :slight_smile:

Just because a skilled, dedicated individual did something over several years doesn’t mean it’s a good idea for most people.

Really?? developing skill and dedication isn’t a good idea? LOL
Kidding, I know what you mean. :slight_smile:

Personally I love/hate both the new version, and old version equally. :slight_smile: