2.49b dynamic obj acts like rigid body???

I just notice that a dynamic object behaves like a rigid body in 2.49b but not in 2.49a. You notice if you try to move a cube via keyboard input. Generally dynamic objects don’t rotate on its own like rigid bodies. Is this a bug? Has anyone else experience this?

I believe you ran into this bug, which has been fixed:


Thanks for the reply though I cant view the link. Do I need to download a new build from graphicall or is it updated on the blender site?

Here is the last response from Benoit (he’s the one that fixed the bug):

Looking at the blend file, it’s clear that after applying Torque
once on the object, it become a rigid body. Reverting the fix
in revision 22913 is not a good solution because it fixed other

Actually I found the problem: the angFac variable where the angular
factor was saved was a reference, in other words it was not a
copy but just a pointer to the angular factor. So the restoration
had no effect and the angular factor was staying at 1,1,1 which
means rigid body.

The bug is fixed in revision 23193 in blender2.4 branch (not
synced in trunk yet)

Ok thanks for the info Moguri.