2.49b Export script to 2.65a

Hey guys,

Im trying to install a script im using for a video game and its not allowing me to install because i get a lot of unknown errors, the last i checked it had to do was with a “.message” line in the script. Im not one to script or code but i really could use some help on how to fix this error, if it comes to it i might find myself trying to fix the problem.

thanks, :yes:

Altho Blender still uses Python, there are so many differences under the hood in between version 2.49 and anything since version 2.5 that it’s not even worth thinking of starting to make a list. And installing will definitively not work.

All you can do is to find the corresponding exporter for 2.5+. Or else, you can ask in the Python forum if some expert is willing to update the script(s) for you. Present it as a challenge, it will inflate their egos… :smiley: