2.49b Game Doors?

Alright I am in the process of making my first game in Blender. (Unfortunately I am forced to have the Mac 10.3 version of 2.49b do my bidding…)

Anyway, the game is played by a tiny little UFO space ship. I think I have the basic controls set up right, but there is an ability that I want the ship to have but am having troubles with it.

The ship has basic movement controls, a laser gun, temporary altitude adjustment, and a tractor beam (all of which work). However, I want to have a level in which there is a door that has to be opened, but the opening mechanism is missing. I want to be able to have the missing piece somewhere, take it into the ship with the tractor beam, take it back to the door, and put it in place with the tractor beam, which will then open the door so I can get past and continue world domination.

I have absolutely no idea how to use Python, so I would like to do this in the logic bricks (I don’t care how messy it becomes). If it gives any idea of how bad I am with Python, I followed a tutorial to the letter to make a mouse pointer, and it still didn’t work. I would like help on that as well if it can be given.


Why not python?

Give python a second try.

There are numerous advantages to using python.

Some of the more important are

  1. It’s way faster
  2. It makes everything more neat and
  3. You will reach at a point where inevitably you will need to use code. It’s a pity to abandon your project because of this.

I know it is not the answer you expected (you were crystal clear about using logic bricks) but I’m trying to save you effort and time.

Ask whatever you want.

Personally, I’ll gladly help you with your first steps. And I believe the same goes for the rest of the people here.

After all, isn’t That the purpose of this forum?

I’ve heard that logic bricks are faster than python because they are pre-compiled. Anyway, to make the door open you could use a “near” or collision sensor to detect when the missing piece is placed in the tractor beam and then have that activate an animation of the door opening using the “action” actuator. You shouldn’t have to use python to get this working. Good Luck!

Aright I will try both ways.

In the meantime I haven’t actually built the level quite yet, I wanted to start the tread early so I can get an idea before I run into the problem that will come sooner or later.

What was that python script for the mouse? Something about importing Rasterizer with some python logic brick? May as well start with previous failure first right?

Thanks for the help!

Do you mean the Mouselook script? You can find the script as well as a tutorial on setting it up here:

Are you sure? Because it’s been a long time since I last used logic bricks and then they were much slower than python.

If this is valid, then it’s bad for me.

Logic Bricks are precompiled, so they will naturally run faster. But there is a lot you cannot do with logic bricks alone, which is where you must turn to use Python.