2.49b: how to make objects transparent in 3D view?

In the 3D view I’m trying to move some complexly shaped objects back into contact with objects with a mating shape, like a 3-d jig-saw puzzle. (They’re brain parts.)

In other words, the objects were originally in contact together, but now they’re moved away from one another, and I want to move them back where they came from; so I think it would help if I could make one semi-transparent, with the one it should mate with solid, so that as I’m moving the transparent one I might be able to see how well they are fitting together until I get them back together.

So, how can I make some objects be semi-transparent in the 3D view?

(The problem is compounded by the fact that the set of objects that’s been moved away is also scaled smaller, but I’m hoping that making them transparent will also help me re-scale them to their original size in addition to and at the same time as moving them back into place.)

In Objects / Draw panel select Wire for one object or Trasp in combination with a material that has transparency

Thanks, works!