(2.49b) How to use downloaded python scripts?

I happened upon a very interesting set of python plugins for Bleneder 2.49b, that, if they work, will make an infinitely gargantuan task take a mere few hours. It’s a suite of tools called KGTools, that was originally made for working with Oblivion/Fallout/Skyrim .nif mesh files, but the author also made the same tools for Blender 2.49b.

In particular, there’s one that allows you to generate a lattice by comparing two identical meshes, with them having different vertex positions (i.e, the original, and a morph). Once a lattice is generated, they are then used as vector fields which can be applied to a large number of meshes in one go, so long as they conform to a similar shape as the original.

I’m working on a mod, and I’d like to see if it works as advertised. The original host is long gone, but I had the files backed up: https://mega.nz/#!yhUSEAAR!qQD65no7ZEKsF1t8lbliUagwO54wTFin5odeBOhFBYk

So how do I exactly use those python scripts with Blender 2.49b? I’m utterly lost with the interface, and I can’t find any information regarding that specific version and how to navigate the menus.

Edit: I managed to figure it out. At the top left is a wee drop-down menu. Select scripts from that menu, and now to the right of it will be another drop-down called “scripts”. Click on that after putting your scripts in the Blender.blender\scripts folder.

My problem now, is that it throws an error when calling “import kg”. There is a folder called “kg” in the scripts folder, which it should then import. But it isn’t: https://i.imgur.com/ZcCqlAj.png

How do I resolve that error?