2.49b vs. later editions MVert compatibility issues

Hey, first post, reaaasonably sure I’m in the right place. And I have a fun and exciting question about an archaic version of Blender, because I am apparently that type of person today.

So I do modding for the games Dragon Age Origins and Dragon Age 2. They both have similar formats for 3d models, but they have slight differences between them. Currently, there is an import/export script for the Dragon Age Origins style files, but no export script for the Dragon Age 2 files, so I’ve been trying to make one.

Unfortunately, the Dragon Age Origins import/export script only works with Blender 2.49b, so I’ve been doing all my work in that. I went ahead and wrote up a very nice script using the 2.49b library, MVerts and MFaces and all, that successfully exported my test from-scratch meshes to Dragon Age 2.

However, a snag emerged when I tried to edit and re-export a Dragon Age 2 mesh - apparently, while I can run the Dragon Age 2 import script from Blender 2.49b, the import script is actually set up for a newer (we’re talking 2.6 editions) version of Blender, and apparently my imported files are completely incompatible with the MFaces/MVerts architecture used in 2.49b? Every time I try to run my script it throws up an “mvert object has no attribute x” error. It’s super stubborn, too - I even tried exporting to .obj and re-importing, to no avail.

So I guess my question is - what’s the best way to fix this? I’d really like to be able to get this working in 2.49b - is there a library that has better compatibility that I can use to easily pull the data I need? This script requires the positions of each point, its normal, its tangent, its UV Coordinates, and the “this face is made up of these vertices” data, and I know that pulling tangent information is something that’s apparently trickier in the newer libraries. Failing that, is there an easy way to convert this newer format to something that will be compatible with this library and still retain the information I need (UVs in particular)? I’m willing to do a reasonable amount of rewriting of the script here - it’s only barely working rn, and my loops are still a mess - but I really want to retain compatibility with 2.49b due to that import/export script, since there’s a lot of conversion of models from Dragon Age Origins to Dragon Age 2 to be done.


The old version of 2.49 using Mvert ect… does not exist anymore in latest built since 2.5

just an idea here!

why don’t you use the latest version of Bl would be a lot better for the future!

it should not be that difficult if one part is already made for 2.6 then modify the other to work with 2.6

happy bl