2.4B & particules

I wanted to re-create a Fireworks with particules

normally in F7 !

but i cannot find it anymore

can somone tell me it is ?

is there a new tutorial on this for 2.4b

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In F7 there is a yellow and red “sparkey” icon for particles.


They changed it up a bit. Here’s where they are now.:smiley:



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i have install python in the same directory then Blender

and tried to import a wings 3DS file

but python don’t seems to be working properly ?

Anybody know what wrong with the 2.4B

it was working before with the 2.4a

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Knowing your OS would help. I have never had to set a Python Path in all the time I’ve used Blender, maybe because I have Python installed in Program Files, and Blender too. Do you have Python 2.4?


I’m working with Window’s Millenium

Before i had Python installed in the root directory

but with the 2.4B i’have followed the instruction and Python was insalled as a Sub-directory of Blender in Program…

So i Set the filepath in Blender to find it there instead of the root directory

Like i had before

but now the 3DS import is giving me some problems with Python script !


Print this exactly into the text editor and Alt-P with your MouseCursor over it:

import sys 
print sys.path

Then look in your Console for the printout and copy and paste it here so we can see if Blender is finding your Python install.


here are the results :

Using Python version 2.4
File “Text”, line 1
Import sys
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
File “Text”, line 2
print sys path
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

what did i do wrong with this text ?

i checked in the root directory for python and this one contains a python.exe about 89 KB

but the other one under the new blender 2.4a2 does not have a python execute ?

why the unzip python did not have it i don’t know ?

should i move this python2.4 .exe to the new 2.4a2 directory ?


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starting Blender 2.40 alpha2 I get this error on startup:

Using Python version 2.4
‘import site’ failed; use -v for traceback

I remember I once manually installed Python 2.4 and then uninstalled it when I didn’t use it, maybe it’s because of this.
Anyone else see this?

RJ… I said type it exactly (because it’s code). Don’t use caps (I instead of i) where there aren’t any. If you print it exactly as I wrote it, then it will search your harddrive for every instance of python it finds and it will print out the path to each instance.

Vliegtuig… yes, you need to install Python 2.4.x from www.python.org.
You can then run the same 2 lines of code to see if Blender finds where you installed it.



the python site was off for a time
i’ll check later

i already have the pyton 2.4 install on my root directory with the Python.exe

is there a new version of python everytime there is a new version of blender ?

if not then i will in blender user preference put the path for python2.4 to the root directory !


i did not see the dot , sorry

Using Python version 2.4
File “Text”, line 2
print sys path

after putting the dot here is the error message

SyntaxError: invalid syntax
[‘C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\blender-
Python24\Lib’, ‘C:\Python24\DLLs’, ‘C:\Python
\Temporary Internet Files’, ‘C:\PROGRAM FILES\B
-ALPHA2-WINDOWS’, ‘C:\Python24’, ‘C:\Python24\
A~1\BLENDE~1\BLENDE~1.40-’, ‘C:\Program Files
40-alpha2-windows’, ‘C:\PROGRAM FILES\BLENDER F
WINDOWS\.blender\scripts’, 'C:\PROGRAM FILES\