2.5.3 Interaction Preset - invert rotation direction - like in Wings 3D


I’m trying to make a simple interaction preset in Blender 2.5.3 beta to mimic the mouse control from Wings3d. I belive the default Wings3D mouse interaction is itself based on mirai/nendo and is what I have become used to. I am happy to learn the default keys within Blender but I find myself thrown by the mouse behaviour.
I believe that I have got almost everything working, but I cannot find a way to invert the direction (left/right) for rotation.
Basically I have left button for selection, middle button for rotate. The zoom scroll direction is correct but I am used to rotating left/right in the opposite direction, although I think by the time I get an answer here I’ll be more used to blender and I’ll end up changing the setting in Wings instead :stuck_out_tongue: