2.5.3 - Why the changes with Anti Aliasing

Recently I made a post about an issue I had with the box select tool selecting vertices randomly throughout the model. My video card was an Nvidia GTS250 1G and the solution was simple… Turn off the Anti Aliasing… worked like a charm. My big drama is that I also use Messiah Studio and have found that it now interferes with the stability of that application.

Is there a reason why Blender 2.49 and Blender 2.5 (alpha 1 and 2) were completely stable with the Nvidia cards? The switch to 2.5.3 is requiring me to constantly change my video card setting beteen applications.

Opinions / comments appreciated…


Progress, man, progress…

have you made sure you’re using an up-to-date driver?

BTW, you should be able to go through the nvidia control panel and disable or force various settings for a single application.


Will chase it up.

It’s because blender uses opengl to render the etc faces in different colors… face 1 has rgb(0,0,1) face two has rgb(0,0,2) and antialiasing blends the colors whichs means u select different things… simple solution: turn off anti-aliasing.

Also, are you using an Nvidia card…as in from Nvidia not an OEM…just a thought?

Could it be that in Blender 2.53 the “Limit selection to visible (clipped with depth buffer)” is enabled by default, but in Blender 2.49 “Occlude background geometry” is NOT enabled by default?

Umm. Nvidia is fabless if I’m not mistaken. It shouldn’t matter if the card is OEM as all of their cards are made by some 3rd party company anyway, not Nvidia.