2.5.5 , mac , keys stop working.

I have 2.55 downloaded yesterday from graphicall ,

but also the original from the blender.org does the same , any ideas ?

keys stop working.


thanx !

keys stop working.

What do you actually mean by this ?
This is also neither News or Discussion about blender, it should go in Support as you’ve been here long enough to know by now.


i think a better place could be in the 2.5, developments thread :wink:

i mean , that they stop working , so i press “a” and it dont select anything , and so on…

It works well for me, OSX 10.6.4 and with the last build 32844. There is a new directory called 2.55 in the zip archive. Did you copy it with the Blender application?

for me too works perfectly the only one problem is that the metrics doesn’t show for any place in blender