2.5 able to allow python API access to composite nodes system?

Hi there,

I’ve been looking for a means to auto-create a comp by using python and have it output a sequence with a default composite carried out on it.

Is there any documentation as to how I can get started on this? Is the node system opened up to the BPY systems yet?

We’ve got some sequences with quite large AOV passes and I’d like to auto build a default comp to read in these EXRs and provide a nice starting point to comp and re-comp the output from.

So we’ve got:
etc, etc

In Python I’m able to walk the Python Image library through this structure and get some basic comping/screening done on that but we’re using OpenEXRs as default and PIL isn’t happy about that and only allows tifs and such.

I’d like to write a python script tp be executed by blender commandline and point it to a dir to action this etc.

Is it possible? Am I better off exploring an OpenEXR module reading & writing for PIL? Currently using Windows as main systems but have a few Linux boxes around so can use either, prefer windows (sadly) in this instance though.

Any and all advice is welcome on this, if I make headway I’ll post updates.