2.5 add mat to faces

i can add mat to a specific face from faces of mesh

but is there a way to select vertices to define a face and then add directly a mat to this face
like in 2.49


Select vertices on a mesh to apply a material to?

Could you select the vertices and then see which faces map to them, or were you looking for a distinct function?

i think in 2.49 we could make let say a list of vertices for a face
and then apply a mat to it
samething then by doing it in F9 with assign mat to selected faces

so is there an equivalent to do this in 2.5

the thing is i cannot find any way in API fot 2.5 to list
the vertices associated with a specific face of a mesh

any idea on how to do that ?

then may be there is a way in 2.5 but don’t know how
to use a list of 4 vertices for a face and apply to this a mat

at least i hope otherwise how can you apply apply mat to faces ?